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A medieval Roman Catholic group which can trace its origins to the Franciscan Spirituals , but which came into being as a separate entity - and problem - for the Church in 1318, when Angelo da Clareno defied the authority of Pope John XXII. Other figures included Michael of Cesena and Peter Olivi.

The Fraticelli ("Little Brethren") were extreme proponents of the rule of Saint Francis of Assisi, especially with regard to poverty, and regarded the wealth of the Church as scandalous, and that of individual churchmen as invalidating their status. They were thus forced into open revolt against the whole authority of the Church.

The persecution of Fraticelli is the background for Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.


  • The Nature and the Effect of the Heresy of the Fraticelli by Decima L. Douie ISBN 0404161219
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