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Four Pillars of the Green Party

The worldwide green parties are committed to the following Four Pillars:

  1. Ecology (sometimes "Ecological Wisdom" or "Ecological Sustainability")
  2. Social Justice (sometimes "Social and Economic Justice")
  3. Grassroots Democracy
  4. Non-Violence

In German, it is known as Die Grünen: ökologisch, sozial, basisdemokratisch, gewaltfrei.

These were originally defined by European Green Parties, from the foundation of the German Green Party in 1979-1980, and later adopted by the U.S. Green Party. The U.S. Green Party has expanded these into Ten Key Values of the Green Party. The Green Party of Canada has adopted the Six Principles of the Global Greens.

The four pillars are generally considered interdependent, reinforcing each other in non-obvious ways. They arose from shared concerns of the peace movement and ecology movement.

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