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F. Murray Abraham

Fahrid Murray Abraham (born October 24, 1939) is an American actor.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of Italian/Syrian heritage, Abraham attended the University of Texas, then studied acting under Uta Hagen in New York. He began his acting career on the stage, making his stage debut in a Los Angeles staging of Ray Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit .

He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for Amadeus, (1984), as Antonio Salieri, and has appeared in such other films as The Big Fix , (1978), as Eppis, Scarface, (1983), as Omar, The Ritz , (1976), as Chris, The Name of the Rose, (1986) as Bernardo Gui, An Innocent Man, (1989) as Virgil Cane, The Bonfire of the Vanities, (1990), as District Attorney Abe Weiss, Last Action Hero, (1993) as John Practice, and Star Trek: Insurrection, (1998), as Son'a Leader Ru'afo.

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