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Evenkia is an autonomous district of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the Russian Federation. At 767,600 km², it is Russia's seventh largest subdivision - and the country's least populous (17,697 as of 2002). In 1908 it was the site of the Tunguska event.

Following a referendum on the issue held on April 17 2005, the districts of Evenkia and Taymyria will be merged into the Krasnoyarsk krai on January 1 2007.

Administrative Division


Evenkia Autonomous District consists of the following districts (Russian: районы):

  • Baykitsky (Байкитский)
  • Ilimpiysky (Илимпийский)
  • Tungussko-Chunsky (Тунгусско-Чунский)


Population (2002): 17,697

Ethnic groups: Of the 17,697 residents (as of the 2002 census) 2 (0.01%) chose not to specify their ethnic background. Of the rest, residents identified themselves as belonging to 67 ethnic groups, including 10,958 ethnic Russians (62%), 3,802 Evenks (21.5%), 991 Yakuts (5.6%), 550 Ukrainians (3.1%), 211 Kets (1.2%), 162 Tatars (0.91%), 152 Khakas (0.86%), 127 Volga Germans (0.72%) and so on.

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