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Erik Axelsson Tott

Erik Axelsson Tott
Regency In 1457 (with Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna)),

and 1466-1467.

Family Tott
Consort Bengta Mattsdotter (Lillie)
Predecessor Charles VIII of Sweden
Interregnum See List of Swedish regents
Successor Charles VIII of Sweden
Date of Birth 1415
Date of Death 1481

Erik Axelsson Tott, (1415-1481) Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden, under the Kalmar Union, in 1457, shared with Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna), and alone 1466-1467.

Born in Denmark as the son of Axel Pedersson Tott and Ingeborg Ivarsdotter. Entered the service of King Charles VIII of Sweden at an early age, but opposed the same in 1457. In 1467 he yet again supported King Charles VIII, in his third election. Acquired the Swedish estates of the Sword Brethren in 1467, including Årsta Castle . As Lord of Finland he initiated the construction of the border fortress Olofsborg, in Savonlinna in the 1470s.

Preceded by:
Charles VIII
Co-Regent of Sweden
First Regency
with Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna)
Succeeded by:
Christian I
Preceded by:
Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna)
Regent of Sweden
Second Regency
Succeeded by:
Charles VIII
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