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Emperor Takakura of Japan

Emperor Takakura (高倉天皇) (1161-1181) was the 80th imperial ruler of Japan. He was a son of the Emperor Go-Shirakawa. He ruled from 1168 to 1180 but during his reign the power was seized by two men; his father ex-emperor Go-Shirakawa who did the cloister-rule and a strongman Taira no Kiyomori.

Taira no Kiyomori made his daughter Tokugo the empress of Takakura. When a boy was born from her, Kiyomori soon attempted to make the baby the crown prince of Takakura and succeeded. When the boy became two years old, Takakura was pressured to retire and the baby sat on the throne, who was later known as Antoku, died in the battlefield Dan no Ura at eight years old.

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