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Emperor Kogon of Japan

Emperor Kōgon (光厳天皇) (August 1, 1313 - August 5, 1364) was the first of what are now called the northern Ashikaga pretenders to the throne of Japan, although this designation is technically inaccurate in his case. He claimed the throne from October 22, 1331 until July 7, 1333. His personal name was Kazuhito (量仁)



He was the first son of the Jimyōin-tō Emperor Go-Fushimi. He was adopted by his uncle, the Hanazono Emperor

  • Empress: Imperial Princess ?? (懽子内親王) (First daughter of Emperor Go-Daigo)
    • Imperial Princess ?? (光子内親王)
  • Consort: Imperial Princess ?? (寿子内親王) (Daughter of Emperor Hanazono)
  • Lady-in-waiting: Sanjō ?? (三条秀子) Empress Dowager ??(陽禄門院)
  • Consort: Unknown
    • Imperial Prince ?? (尊朝親王)
    • ?? (恵厳)


In 1326, he became Crown Prince to the Daikakuji Emperor Go-Daigo. In those days, by a decision of the Kamakura Bakufu, every 10 years the throne would alternate between the Daikakuji and Jimyōin lines. However, Go-Daigo did not comply with this policy.

In 1331, when Go-Daigo's plan to overthrow the shogunate became public, the Shogunate seized him and enthroned Kōgon on October 22. The following year, Go-Daigo travelled to Oki Province, but refused to abdicate.

In 1333, Ashikaga Takauji attacked the Rokuhara Tandai. Both tandai, Hōjō Nakatomi and Hōjō Tokimasu fled to the east, but they were both captured in Ōmi Province. On July 7, 1333, he was dethroned.

However, returning to Kyoto, Go-Daigo's Kemmu Restoration failed. Ashikaga Takauji began a revolt against Go-Daigo, and in 1336, his younger brother was enthroned as the Kōmyō Emperor.

Returning to Yoshino , in Yamato Province, Go-Daigo claimed his own throne to be legitimate, in opposition to the Northern Dynasty.

In 1352, taking advantage of the Kan'ō Disturbance, a family feud in the Ashikaga clan, the Southern Emperor Go-Murakami entered Kyōto, capturing it and carrying away Kōgon along with Kōmyō and Sukō and the Crown Prince. Kōgon was placed under house arrest for the remaining 10 years of his life.

In his final years, he converted to Zen Buddhism

On August 5, 1364, he passed away.

Eras of his reign



  • Shōkei


  • (Continued Genkō)

Southern Court Rivals

Preceded by:
(Legitimate Emperor)

Northern Pretender

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