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Earl of Chester

The Earldom of Chester is one of the few palatine earldoms in England. After the future Edward I's creation in the mid 13th century the title has generally been given to heirs-apparent to the English throne, and since the late 14th century the title has been given only in conjunction with that of Prince of Wales.


Earls of Chester, First Creation (1071)

Earls of Chester, Second Creation (1121)

Earls of Chester, Third Creation (1232)

  • John de Scotia, 9th Earl of Huntingdon, 1st Earl of Chester (c. 1207-1237)

Earls of Chester, Fourth Creation (1254)

Earls of Chester, Fifth Creation (1264)

Earls of Chester, Sixth Creation (1284)

Earls of Chester, Seventh Creation (1301)

Earls of Chester, Eighth Creation (1312)

Thereafter, the Earldom of Chester was created in conjunction with the Principality of Wales. See Prince of Wales for further Earls of Chester.

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