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Extended Unix Coding

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Extended Unix Coding (EUC) is an 8-bit character encoding used primarily for Japanese and Korean.

In Japan, the encoding is heavily used by Unix or Unix-like operating systems, but seldom used elsewhere. It is consequently the least-used of the big 3 Japanese encodings, behind both ISO-2022-JP (JIS) and Shift-JIS.



EUC-CN is equivalent to GB2312 standard for simplified Chinese characters.


In the EUC-JP coding for Japanese, the 7-bit values used in ISO-2022-JP are simply incremented by 128. This allows the easy mixing of 7-bit ASCII and 8-bit Japanese without the need for the escape characters employed by ISO-2022-JP.


EUC-KR is a similar 8-bit coding of ISO-2022-KR (KS X 1001), implemented with the same principle of simply adding 128 to each byte.


EUC-TW is a rarely used encoding for traditional Chinese characters as used on Taiwan. Big5 is much more common.

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  • EUC-JP A table of the non-ascii part of the codeset.

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