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Duke of Lorraine

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The Duchy of Lorraine was an independent state for most of the period of time between 843 to 1739. The Duchy, as well as the modern region of Lorraine, was the focus of centuries of dispute between France and Germany.

In the early period, Lorraine was known as Kingdom of Lotharingia, ruled by members of the Carolingian French dynasty. At some time, during the 10th century, Lorraine was divided in Upper and Lower region. The Dukes of Lower Lorraine abandoned this style in favour of Duke of Brabant. The Upper Lorraine part was known simply as Lorraine and its rulers are listed below.

The House of Guise, who played an important role in the Wars of Religion of the 16th century is a junior branch of the House of Lorraine. The last duke of Lorraine, Francis III, abdicated from his possessions in 1737 in order to become Emperor of Austria, by is marriage with Maria Theresa of Austria. The next and last Duke of Lorraine was Stanislaus Leszczynski, former king of Poland. On his death, Lorraine reverted to king Louis XV of France, his son in law. From then on, the Duchy of Lorraine changed several times between German and French dominion, the last of which at the end of the Second World War.

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Kings of Lotharingia

Dukes of Lorraine

First rulers

  • Reginald I (r. 900-911) styled Duke of Lotharingia
  • Giselbert (r. 924 – 939) styled Duke of Lotharingia
  • Henry I (r. 939 – 944)
  • Conrad, the Red (r. 944 – 953)
  • Bruno (r. 953 – 959), also Archbishop of Kφln
  • Friedrich I (r. 959 – 978)
  • Thierry I (r. 978 – 1027)
  • Friedrich II (r. 1027 – 1033)
  • Gothelo, the Great (r. 1033 – 1044)
  • Godfrey, the Bearded (r. 1044 – 1046)

House of Ardennes (Metz)

House of Anjou

House of Vaudemont

Junior branch of the previous rulers of Ardennes-Metz

House of Leszczyński

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Genealogy of the Dukes of Lorraine

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