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Downpatrick (Dún Phádraig in Irish, meaning Fort of Patrick) is a town in County Down in Northern Ireland with about 10,113 inhabitants. It is situated about 33km south of Belfast.

Saint Patrick was reputedly buried here in 461 on Cathedral Hill, within the grounds of Down Cathedral. His grave is still a place of pilgrimage on St Patricks Day (17 March). The St Patrick's Centre [1] in Downpatrick is purpose-built to tell the story of St Patrick.

Downpatrick is where the local council, Down District Council is headquartered.

Down County Museum [2] and the Down Civic Arts Centre [3] are also run by the Council and are based in Downpatrick.

Downpatrick is also the home of the Downpatrick Steam Railway [4], which continues to run steam trains on restored tracks.

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