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Count of Flanders

The counts of Flanders ruled over the county of Flanders from the 9th century. The early rulers from Arnulf I onwards were sometime referred to as margraves (or marquis). This alternate title largely fell out of use by the 12th century.

The counts of Flanders enlarged their estate through a series of diplomatic manoeuvres. The counties of Hainaut, Namur, Bethune, Nevers, Auxerre and Rethel, as well as the duchies of Brabant and Limburg, were acquired via marriage with the respective heiresses. Ironically, the county of Flanders itself, along with all its possessions, suffered the same fate and was annexed by the duchy of Burgundy in 1405.

The title of Count of Flanders passed to the Habsburgs.

The Habsburg empire was divided into parts. Flanders went to the Spanish throne


In 1714 after the War of the Spanish Succession, Flanders went back to the Austrians ...

The title was abolished in the aftermath of the French revolution in 1794?? ...

In modern times, the title of count of Flanders has been given to younger sons of the kings of Belgium:

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