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Cotton Bowl (stadium)

For the Cotton Bowl game, please see Cotton Bowl (game).
The Cotton Bowl main entrance
The Cotton Bowl main entrance

The Cotton Bowl is a stadium which opened in 1932. It is located in Fair Park, site of the State Fair in Dallas, Texas. It has a natural grass surface and a capacity of 68,252. The name is a pun on "cotton boll".

The stadium has been home to many football teams over the years, including: SMU Mustangs (NCAA), Dallas Cowboys (NFL; 1960-1970), Dallas Texans (NFL) (1952), Kansas City Chiefs (as the Dallas Texans) (AFL; 1960-1962), the Dallas Tornado (NASL; 1967-1968), and F.C. Dallas (as the Dallas Burn) (Major League Soccer; 1996-2002, 2004). It was also the site of some games in the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

The Cotton Bowl also hosts the annual Cotton Bowl college football game, named for the stadium.

Also, the annual Texas-Oklahoma college football game, called "The Red River Shootout", is played here during the State Fair of Texas, instead of a campus site. Ticket sales are equally divided between the two schools.

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