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Congo is a name shared by two neighbouring countries in Africa, usually distinguished either by using their full official names or adding their capitals:

Congo is also the name of:

  • Congo craton, a pre-historical continent.
  • The Congo or Kongo Kingdom, which was once under Portuguese "protection" during part of its existence.
  • The Congo River, which drains both the above-mentioned countries.
  • The basin of the Congo River. The Congo and its subsidiaries run through the second largest rain forest area in the world, with only the Amazon Rainforest being (much) larger. (see: Congo River basin ).
  • In Vodun, a rather dull and lazy spirit was named Congo.
  • A novel by Michael Crichton; see Congo (novel).
  • A movie based on Crichton's novel; see Congo (movie).
  • A genre of Afro-American music in Panama and Brazil; see congo music and dance
  • An alternate term for the genre of music more commonly known as soukous.

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