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Charlotte Augusta

Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (January 7, 1796 - November 6, 1817) was the only child of the ill-fated marriage between George IV (at that time the Prince of Wales) and Princess Caroline of Brunswick.

She was born at Carlton House in London, her birth being something of a miracle as George IV later claimed that he and his wife had sex no more than three times in the whole of their marriage. By the time she was a few months old, her parents were effectively separated, and her mother's time with her was severely restricted by her father, who doted on the child. She grew into a headstrong and difficult teenager, and fell out with her mother when Caroline decided to go into continental exile.

Charlotte married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg on May 2 1816, also at Carlton House. After a miscarriage in the early months of their marriage, she delivered a stillborn son on November 5, 1817, dying of post-partum complications the next day. She is buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor. Her death, which left the Prince of Wales without any direct heirs, resulted in a mad dash towards matrimony by most of her bachelor uncles. Her father, even after the death of his wife, made no attempt to remarry or father any more children.

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