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Charles V of France

Charles V (January 31, 1338September 16, 1380), called the Wise, was king of France (1364 to 1380) and a member of the Valois Dynasty.

Born at Vincennes, Ile-de-France, France, son of King Jean II and Bonne of Luxembourg.

He was the first French heir to use the title dauphin after the region of Dauphiné was acquired by his father. He was crowned King of France in 1364 at the cathedral at Reims, France.

His reign was marred by the Hundred Years' War, but Charles' army scored some victories and defeated the army of the King of Navarre. Despite the influence of his advisor, Philippe de Mézières, he declined to be drawn into a crusade. Nonetheless, dissatisfaction with his rule was such that at one point the Mayor of Paris, Etienne Marcel, led a revolt against Charles that forced the king to flee the city. This matter was resolved but to protect Paris from the English, Charles V rebuilt the Left Bank wall and built a new wall on the Right Bank that extended to a new fortification called the Bastille. A strong supporter of the arts, Charles had the Louvre restored and improved and in 1367 created the first royal library in France.

Charles V died on September 16, 1380 at Beauté-sur-Marne, France and was interred with his wife, Jeanne de Bourbon in Saint Denis Basilica.

He was succeeded by his son, Charles VI.



Preceded by:
John II
King of France Succeeded by:
Charles VI

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