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Charles IV of France

Charles IV the Fair (French: Charles IV le Bel) (1294February 1, 1328), a member of the Capetian Dynasty, reigned as King of France from 1322 to 1328.

He was the third son of Philippe IV. By virtue of his mother, Jeanne I of Navarre's, birthright, Charles claimed the title Charles I, king of Navarre.

He was crowned King of France in 1322 at the cathedral in Reims. In 1327 Charles helped his sister Isabelle against her husband, King Edward II of England, having him imprisoned and ultimately executed. During his six-year reign Charles IV offended everyone in his kingdom by increasing taxes, imposing onerous duties, and confiscating estates from those he disliked.

Charles IV died at Vincennes, Val-de-Marne, and is interred with his third wife, Jeanne d'Evreux in Saint Denis Basilica. He died without a male heir, thus ending the direct line of the Capetian dynasty. Philippe VI of France, a member of the Valois Dynasty, succeeded him on the throne.


  • 1308 -- Blanche de Bourgogne. The marriage was dissolved in 1322.
  • 1322 -- Marie de Luxembourg (2)


  • (1) Jeanne (1315 - 1321)
  • (3) Blanche (April 1, 1328 - February 8, 1345)
  • (3) Jeanne (1326 - 1327)
  • (3) Marie (1327 - 1341)
Preceded by:
Philip V
King of France Succeeded by:
Philip VI
King of Navarre Joan II
Philip IV of France
Jeanne I of Navarre

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