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Carolingian Renaissance

The Carolingian Renaissance refers to the often-rejected but just as frequently resuscitated idea that a flowering of literature, the arts, architecture, jurisprudence, liturgical and scriptural studies occurred during and shortly after the reign of Charlemagne, that this flowering was consciously nurtured by the court, and that this flowering was connected to the renovation of the title Emperor for Charlemagne in the year 800.

It is to be distinguished from the Renaissance as that term is most commonly used.


Alcuin -- Benedict of Aniane -- Charlemagne -- Charles the Bald -- Ebbo -- Einhard -- Louis the Pious -- Nithard -- Notker the Stammerer -- Paul the Deacon -- Rabanus Maurus -- Theodulf


Aachen -- Fulda -- Germigny-des-Pres -- Abbey of St. Gall -- St. Riquier

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