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Bowling is the common name for several sports that involve rolling a ball towards a target or to knock down pins.

For the use of this term in cricket, see Bowling (cricket).

The sports known as bowling may be divided into two distinct groups. The first group is played along an "alley", most commonly of synthetic material immitating a wood surface. Historically, bowling lanes were made of wood. Most centers around the United States have upgraded to the synthetic playing surface. Here the players attempt to score points by throwing a ball to knock down pins. Included in this group are

The second group is played on a lawn, usually outdoors. Here the players throw a ball (which may be eccentrically weighted) in an attempt to put it closest to a designated point. This group includes

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  • Skittles — the sport from which "alley" based Bowling originated
  • Skee ball — a game that plays similar to bowling

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