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Be (Cyrillic)

Be (Б, б) is the second letter in the Cyrillic alphabet. It is pronounced like English B (a voiced bilabial plosive). In the Russian language, at the end of a word or before a voiceless consonant, it is pronounced [p]. It looks approximately like a 6, and should not be confused with the Cyrillic letter Ve, which is shaped like Latin B but pronounced [v]. Both letters are derived from Greek beta.

Be's old name is Buki. It had no numerical value.

Code positions

Character encoding Case Decimal Hexadecimal Octal Binary
Unicode Capital 1041 0411 002021 0000010000010001
Small 1073 0431 002061 0000010000110001
ISO 8859-5 Capital 177 b1 261 0010110001
Small 209 d1 321 0011010001
KOI 8 Capital 226 e2 342 0011100010
Small 194 c2 302 0011000010
Windows 1251 Capital 193 c1 301 0011000001
Small 225 e1 341 0011100001

Its HTML entities are: Б or Б for capital and б or б for small letter.

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