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Battle of Evesham

The Battle of Evesham was an important battle in the history of England which took place on August 4 1265. It was the decisive battle in the Second Barons' War, in which Simon de Montfort led a number of rebellious barons against the Royalist forces led by Prince Edward (later King Edward I of England). De Montfort was encumbered by a number of unreliable allies, particularly the Welsh, who deserted before the battle commenced. With de Montfort confronted by a force four times the size of his own, on unfavourable ground, the outcome rapidly turned into a massacre.

The Battle of Evesham is sometimes considered to have marked the end of the age of chivalry in England. Until this time, the nobility were rarely killed in battle, more often taken prisoner and ransomed. Under the command of Prince Edward, however, no quarter was given to the baronial rebels—most were killed on the battlefield, including Simon de Montfort and his son Henry, despite attempts to surrender.

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