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Armored car

Military armored cars

Military armored cars are a type of armoured fighting vehicles and have wheels (usually 6 or 8 large off-road wheels) instead of tracks, and light armor. They may have a machine gun, an autocannon, or a small gun, or may even be unarmed. Their primary purposes are reconnaissance, command/control, and communications.

Civilian armored cars

Civilian armored cars can be divided into two types:

1. cars or trucks used in transporting valuables, such as large quantities of money which are armored and equipped to resist attempts at highway robbery or the hijacking of the cargo. They may be manned with armed guards but do not mount artillery. Armored cars are usually operated by security firms, which provide secure transport for clients' property.

2. Armored versions of cars or SUVs used as protection from crime or violence either by individuals who fear they may become victims, or in high risk environments. Diplomatic missions typically use armored cars as standard vehicles, and many manufacturers or after market firms offer armored versions of their vehicles. They are typically indistinguishable from the regular version on casual inspection from a distance.

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