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Anthraquinone is a derivative of anthracene.

Physical properties

Anthraquinone melts at 286°C, boils at 379.8°C. It is insoluble in water or alcohol, but dissolves in nitrobenzene and aniline.

Obtaining anthraquinone

There are several ways to obtain anthraquinone:

  • Oxidation of anthracene
  • Condensation of benzene with phthalic anhydride in presence of AlCl3 (Friedel-Crafts substitution). The resulting o-benzoylbenzoic acid then undergoes cyclization, forming anthraquinone.
  • Diels-Alder reaction (from naphtoquinone and a 1,3-diene)

Industrial applications

Anthraquinone is used in production of dyes, such as alizarin.
Many natural pigments are derivatives of anthraquinone.

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