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There are about 900 to 1000 species of fungus (mostly mushroom) in the Amanita genus (family Amanitaceae, order Agaricales), which contains some of the most toxic known mushrooms. The most serious toxin present in these mushrooms is alpha-amanitin. This listing is by no means complete, but represents some of the more well-known members of the genus. The genus also contains many edible mushrooms. In some cultures, the larger local edible species of Amanita are mainstays of the markets in the local growing season. Samples of this are Amanita zambiana and other fleshy species in central Africa, A. basii and similar species in Mexico, A. caesarea in Europe, and A. chepangiana in southeastern Asia. Other species are known for coloring sauces...such as the red A. jacksonii with a range from eastern Canada to eastern Mexico.

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