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All Media Guide

All Media Guide (commonly known as AMG) is the company which maintains All Music Guide, All Game Guide and All Movie Guide. AMG's parent company is Alliance Entertainment Corporation .

AMG has created the world's largest, most comprehensive, and most accurate databases of metadata about movies, games, and music releases. These databases are used for point-of-sale systems in tens of thousands of stores globally, for CD and DVD recognition in software media players such as Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox, and for providing content for a variety of websites.

In addition to selling computerized access to its databases, AMG sells several dozen print compilations of its information.

The company was founded in Big Rapids, Michigan in 1991 in order to create a comprehensive archive of all music. AMG moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1996.

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Last updated: 02-24-2005 04:35:52