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Centuries: 7th century - 8th century - 9th century

Decades: 740s - 750s - 760s - 770s - 780s - 790s - 800s - 810s - 820s - 830s - 840s

Years: 790 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800

Events and trends:

  • In 793, the Vikings sack the monastery of Lindisfarne. This is the first of a series of Viking raids spanning the next centuries.
  • In 791, the Avars invade Europe, but in 796 they are beaten decisively by Charlemagne.
  • In Byzantium, Irene is forced to lay down her role as guardian of her son, emperor Constantine VI. She still keeps acting as empress, and in 797 she has Constantine captured and deposed, and takes the throne. In 802, she will be deposed herself.
  • In 794, Kyoto becomes the new capital of Japan

Important people:

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