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31 Euphrosyne

31 Euphrosyne
Orbital characteristics 1
Orbit type Main belt
Semimajor axis 3.149 AU
Perihelion distance 2.436 AU
Aphelion distance 3.862 AU
Orbital period 5.59 years
Inclination 26.32°
Eccentricity 0.226
Physical characteristics 1
Diameter 255.9 km
Rotation period 3 5.531 hours
Abs. magnitude 6.74
History 2
Discoverer J. Ferguson, 1854

31 Euphrosyne (ew-fros'-i-nee or ew-froz'-i-nee) is one of the largest main belt asteroids.

Euphrosyne was discovered by James Ferguson on September 1, 1854. It was the first asteroid found from North America. It is named after Euphrosyne, one of the Charites in Greek mythology.

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