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173 BC

Centuries: 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC - 1st century BC

Decades: 220s BC 210s BC 200s BC 190s BC 180s BC - 170s BC - 150s BC140s BC 130s BC 120s BC 110s BC

Years: 178 BC 177 BC 176 BC 175 BC 174 BC - 173 BC - 172 BC 171 BC 170 BC 169 BC 168 BC


  • Aquileia is connected by road to Bononia.
  • The consul Lucius Postumius Albinus creates a scandal by demanding free lodging and other perks while on a visit to Praeneste (normally these costs were paid by the senate).
  • The Roman Senate is very generous to the ambassador Apollonius who had come from Antiochus IV, giving the envoy a large gift of money, a house to stay in, and an unlimited expense account.



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