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Tamil proverbs

  • A drunkard's words are gone the next day.
  • A pot that is filled will not spill.
    • (Knowledgeable people don't make unnecessary noise)
  • A single tree will not make an orchid.
  • A thorn can only be removed with another thorn.
  • Be the first for the feast and last for the battle
  • Do you need to be paid to eat a sugarcane?
  • Don't dip your leg in water before knowing the depth.
  • Dumb fellow spoils the township,big rat spoils his name.
  • Elephants can also slip.
  • Even a crow finds its child golden.
  • Even if you believe big, don't believe small.
  • Even if you go to Kasi(pilgrimage site) you cannot wipe your sins
  • Even if you put in river, measure and put.
  • Kind words conquer.
  • Make a wrong doer feel shy, by doing him a favour.
  • The worth of your shadow is only known when the sun is beating down hot.
  • There is no use in crying Shankara! Shankara! (Hindu God) in your death bed.
  • Though Mustard is small, it is still hot.
    • (Don't measure the worth of a person by their size/shape)
  • Tiger never eats grass, even if hungry.
  • When frog makes noise, snake swollows(thavalai than vaayal kedum).
  • Whoever rules the country(whether it is Rama or Ravanna)I am not at all worried.
  • It is good to have fools as friends because when they leave you feel no pain. (Source: thirrukural)
  • One's knowledge is only a handful of sand, there is still a ocean of knowledge to learn (Source:Ovvayar)
  • Be like a bee, taking only the nectar from your experiences
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