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Malayalam proverbs

  • Ariyethra? Payar anjaazhi.
    • How much rice you have? I have enough beans.(translation)
  • kupayil kalanjalum, alanu kalayanam.
    • Even if you throw as waste, you should measure and throw.(translation)
  • Moothavarude vaakum muthu nellikayum aadhyam kaykum, pinne madhurikkum.
    • Obey what the elders tell you, at first they may sound sour, later it will be sweet.(Trans)

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  • Onam vannaalum Unni pirannaalum koran~ kumbilil thanne kanji
    • Be it Onam, be it birth of new child, poor guys can eat in leaf spoons only. (Verbatim)
      • Whatever be the occasion, there is no advantage for poor people. Poor people remain poor.(Gist)

Vithu Gunam Pathu Gunam Like the seed ,will be the reap

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