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Zang Fu theory

Zang-Fu theory is a concept within traditional Chinese medicine, part of the TCM model of the body. There are five zang (臟 pinyin zang4 心、肝、脾、肺、腎) and six fu (腑 pinyin fu3 胃、小腸 、大腸、膀胱、膽、三焦).

Each zang, or viscus, associates with the other zang and the rest of the body through five element and jingluo (channels and networks) relationships. Zang organs are also known as yin or solid organs, and each has a fu partner, a yang or bowel organ (see Yin Yang).

The association between the zangfu and particular souls or spirits is a later accretion and has been largely absent from the discourse of traditional Chinese medicine for at least the past 200 years.

The five elements are associated with the following Zang-Fu organs

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