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Visconti was a noble family that ruled Milan during the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance period. They bore the title Dukes of Milan.

The last male descendent was Luchino Visconti, one of the most prominent film directors of Italian realist cinema.

Visconti rulers of Milan

  • Oddone Visconti , Archbishop of Milan 1277-1294
  • Matteo I Visconti 1294-1302; 1311-1322
  • Galeazzo I Visconti 1322-1327
  • Azzo Visconti 1329-1339
  • Luciano Visconti 1339-1349
  • Barnabo Visconti 1349-1385
  • Galeazzo II Visconti 1349-1378
  • Matteo II Visconti 1349-1355
  • Gian Galeazzo Visconti 1378-1402
  • Gian Maria Visconti 1402-1412
  • Filippo Maria Visconti 1412-1447

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