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Vehicles are non-living means of transport. They are most often man-made (cars, motorcycles, trains, ships, aircraft), but also non-man-made means for transport can be called vehicles, including icebergs and floating tree trunks. Vehicles may be motored by animals, e.g. a chariot, or an ox-cart . However, animals on their own, though used as means of transport, are not called vehicles. This includes humans carrying another human, for example a child or a disabled person. Movement without the help of a vehicle or an animal is called locomotion. The word itself comes from the Latin vehiculum.

Most land vehicles have wheels, see that articles for vehicles with and without wheels.

AVL is Automatic Vehicle Location.

Types of vehicles

"Vehicle" is also used in translation for the Buddhist Sanskrit/Pali term "yana", which represents an augmentation to the analogy of the spiritual path, to include the idea of various vehicles that can take the practitioner along the path to enlightenment.

In politics, a vehicle is a party or organization dedicated to promoting the candidacies of one person, usually a professional politician or wealthy businessman. Electoral vehicles are especially important in the fractious political climates of Latin America and Africa.

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