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Unschooling is the term given to an increasingly popular method of homeschooling. Proponents of unschooling argue that a system of public education does not allow children to receive the best education available, as it is too centralized. Under unschooling education, parents act as facilitators and are responsible for having a wide-range of resources available to provide their children with a quality education.

The term unschooling was coined by John Holt, author of 10 books on education. John Holt founded the unschooling magazine Growing Without Schooling.

This model is sometimes used in schools, such as the Sudbury Valley School.

Unschooling is sometimes referred to as natural learning, child-led learning, discovery learning , or child-directed learning .

A famous person which only visited for a short time a school was Thomas Alva Edison.

Prominent unschooling advocates


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