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United Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club (or UKC) is the second-largest and second oldest registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. The club was founded by Chauncey Z. Bennett in 1898. The UKC was originally formed so that the founder could register his American Pit Bull Terrier, Bennett's Ring. The emphasis in the UKC is to promote the concept of the "total" dog, that is, a dog that performs as well as it looks. The club sponsors a variety of conformation, obedience , hunting, and agility shows and trials.

There are three ways to register a dog with the UKC:

  • Single Registration is for dogs whose parents are not UKC registered, but are registered by another approved entity.
  • Limited Privilege allows purebred dogs of unknown pedigree, and mixed breed dogs, to participate in obedience and agility.
  • Litter Registration is for puppies whose parents are both UKC registered dogs.

See also: American Kennel Club

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