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Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt

The Twenty-fifth dynasty of Ancient Egypt originated in Kush at the city-state of Napata , from whence they invaded and took control of Egypt under Piye (spelled Pinakhi in older works). Manetho does not mention either the first king Piye, or the last king Tantamani, although inscriptions exist to attest to the existence of both.

Starting with the reign of Taharqa, they were ultimately driven back into Nubia, at first by the Assyrians, then by the kings of the Twenty-sixth dynasty, where they established a kingdom at Napata (656 - 590 BC), and, later, at MeroŽ (590 BC - 4th century AD).


Name Dates
Piye 730 - 716 BC
Shabaka 716 - 702 BC
Shebitku 702 - 690 BC
Taharqa 690 - 664 BC
Tantamani 664 - 656 BC (died 653 BC)

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