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Tshe (Ћ, ћ) is 23rd letter of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. It represents an iotated voiceless dental plosive /tc̡/.

Being part of the most common Serbian last name ending, transliteration of tshe to Latin alphabet is very important; however, there are a lot of ways to transliterate it. Today, most often it is transliterated as ć or, without the diacritic, as c; less frequent transliterations are tj, ty, cj, cy, ch (also used for che) and tch.

As it is one of the letters unique to the Serbian language, and also the letter with which the Serbian word for Cyrillic (ћирилица) starts, tshe is often used as basis for logos of various groups involved with Cyrillic alphabet; for examples see [1], [2], [3].

Code positions

Character encoding Case Decimal Hexadecimal Octal Binary
Unicode Capital 1035 040b 002013 0000010000001011
Small 1115 045b 002133 0000010001011011
ISO 8859-5 Capital 171 ab 253 0010101011
Small 251 fb 373 0011111011
Windows 1251 Capital 142 8e 216 0010001110
Small 158 9e 236 0010011110

Its HTML entities are: Ћ or Ћ for capital and ћ or ћ for small letter.

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