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Trinity River (Texas)

The Trinity River is a river in the state of Texas in the United States.

It rises in extreme north Texas, only several miles south of the Red River. Its headwaters are separated from the Red River basin by the high bluffs on the south side of the Red River.

The Trinity River is so named because it is formed by the confluence of three rivers: The Elm Fork, the West Fork, and the East Fork, each of which is considered part of the Trinity. The West Fork Trinity River flows eastward through the city of Fort Worth and the Elm Fork Trinity River flows south through the city of Denton. The two rivers merge as they enter the city of Dallas and form the Trinity River proper. The East Fork Trinity River joins the Trinity River just east of Dallas.

The Trinity then flows southeastward from Dallas across the farming regions and pine forests of eastern Texas. It flows into the Trinity Bay , an arm of Galveston Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, east of the city of Houston.

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