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A trial is, in the most general sense, a test, usually a test to see whether something does or does not meet a given standard.

  • In science, a trial is the result of a given run of a given experiment, with the usual object of testing a scientific hypothesis. Multiple trials are usually run, when possible, for an experiment, in order to offset the effects of random error.
  • In proprietary computer software (and some other commercial products), a trial version or trial or piece of trialware is a (usually gratis and FRS) version of a product that only works for a limited period of time (and sometimes has reduced functionality). A trial version of a software package (or piece of trialware) is often produced by a software publisher to help users get a feel for it before deciding whether to buy the full version . See the more general term, shareware.
  • Trial (1969 film) is a 1969 film

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