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Third dynasty of Egypt

History of Egypt Third Dynasty

Third Dynasty
Name Comments Dates
Sanakhte - 2686-2668
Djoser Commissioned the Step Pyramid designed by Imhotep 2668-2649
Sekhemkhet - 2649-2643
Khaba - 2643-2637
Huni - 2637-2613

While Manetho names one Necherophes, and the Turin King List names Nebka, as the first pharaoh of the Third dynasty of Egypt, some contemporary Egyptologists believe Djoser was the first king of this dynasty, pointing out that the order in which some predecessors of Khufu are mentioned in the Papyrus Westcar suggests that Nebka should be placed between Djoser and Huni, and not before Djoser. That the Turin King List has noted Djoser's name in red may also be significant.

In any case, Djoser is the best known king of this dynasty, for commissioning his vizier Imhotep to build the earliest surviving pyramids, the Step Pyramid. Some authorities believe that Imhotep lived into the reign of the Pharaoh Huni.

Little is known for certain of Sekhemkhet. However, it is believed that Khaba possibly built the Layer Pyramid at Zawiyet el-Aryan .

Huni, the last king of this dynasty, like Djoser had a renowned vizier, named Kagemni . In the Ramassid period, a text named the Instructions was ascribed to Kagemni.

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