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The insane picnic

In the early 1980s, English band the insane picnic (always printed in lower case) were one of the pioneering D.I.Y. cassette bands. They recorded several releases for the English independent record label Falling A Records. As well as regularly appearing in many fanzines they were also often featured in the mainstream music papers with favourable reviews in Melody Maker, Sounds & NME, also featuring on several occasions in the Sounds Obscurist chart and Psychedelic chart and were favourites of pirate radio stations "Liverpool City radio" & "Andromeda".


  • four days in april — 1981, cassette-only EP (Falling A, catalogue number EBS3)
  • four days in april — 2004, CD reissue (Falling A, catalogue number EBSCD1)
  • "Romance"/"Politician's Promise" — 1983, cassette-only single (Falling A, catalogue number EBS5)
  • Magistrates and Saints — 1986, 12" vinyl ep (Falling A/Waterfall, catalogue number waterfall 2)
  • this is the winter darkness — 2004, CD album (Falling A, catalogue number FASA1; recorded in 1985 and originally intended for vinyl release, it remained unreleased until the 2004 CD issue)
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