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The Navigators (organization)

The Navigators is a worldwide Christian para-church organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Its main purpose is the discipling (training) of Christians with a particular emphasis on enabling them to share their faith with others.

The Navigators works alongside local churches, by providing resources such as Bible study booklets and study aid materials, Scripture verse memory aids, and Christian books. These are produced through the organization's Navpress publishing group, which also offers The Message Bible paraphrase. It also supports full-time workers who mostly work within local churches.

As of 2004 The Navigators' international president is Dr. Jerry White. He has announced plans to find a successor for his post, after serving in that capacity for the last 18 years.


The Navigators was founded in 1934 by Dawson Trotman, out of his experiences mentoring US Navy sailor Les Spencer. 135 men became Christians on Les Spencer's ship before it was sunk at Pearl Harbor.

Since then The Navigators has grown into a worldwide organization with representation in most countries of the world. It acquired its current location at Glen Eyrie through Billy Graham's contacting Trotman about the then-vacant property, which was up for sale in 1950. A fundraising call was put out to friends of the Navigators, and the monies needed to purchase the site were obtained within a tight deadline, allowing the sale to the group to be completed.

Glen Eyrie's use today

The general public is allowed on its grounds during the day to visit its bookstore, located on the main floor of the Glen Eyrie Castle. Tours of the Castle - originally the home of Gen. William Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs - are available at no cost to the public. These free tours do require an advance reservation, however. The Castle is also a conference and retreat center available for use by groups.

The Navigators headquarters is at its modern administration building, in the northeast part of the Glen Eyrie property. It is viewable from 30th Street south of Garden of the Gods Road, which is off of Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs.

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