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Current logo of is a Swedish language wiki, started in October 2001. It was created by Lars Aronsson , also the founder of Project Runeberg. As of April 2004, Susning had 55,000 articles on various topics, making it one of the largest wikis. Aronsson's aim for Susning is "to make it into what the users want it to be." As such, Susning is an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and a discussion forum about any concept of interest to its users. It is in direct competition with the Swedish Wikipedia and can perhaps be compared in scope to Everything2.

Susning places advertisements on some articles. It has no license agreement , and contributions remain copyrighted by their submitters (the right to modify is said to be implicit in the site's function). Third parties, such as Wikipedia contributors, cannot legally use Susning materials contributed by others without permission. This also means that Susning depends solely on Lars Aronsson's goodwill to continue.

Susning uses a heavily modified version of UseModWiki as its wiki engine. The domain name .nu, which belongs to the small island of Niue but is sold primarily to foreigners, was chosen because it means "now" in Swedish. "Skaffa dig en" is the slogan of Susning and translates to "Get a". The standard top level domain for Sweden is .se.


Due to heavy vandalism by users who (amongst other things) included loads of pornography, the site was temporarily closed for editing 15 april 2004, and will so remain until a way has been found to deal with the problem. This problem might be of greater importance to than to other wikis, since does not have any administrators who can block vandals 'in action' - the only one having such powers is Lars Aronsson, who has allegedly never used them.

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  • Lars Aronsson: Operation of a Large Scale, General Purpose Wiki Website. Experience from's first nine months in service. Presented on November 7, 2002, at the ELPUB 2002 conference in Karlovy Vary [1] , and printed in: João Álvaro Carvalho, Arved Hübler, Ana Alice Baptista (editors), Elpub 2002. Technology Interactions. Proceedings of the 6th International ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing held in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 6-8 November, 2002, Verlag für Wissenschaft und Forschung Berlin, 2002, ISBN 3897003570, pages 27-37. Online copy .

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