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Municipality of Strathfield

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Municipality of Strathfield
State: New South Wales
Region: Metropolitan Sydney
Area: 14.1 km²
Council seat: Strathfield
List of suburbs
- Density
2,143.26 / km²
Born in Australia:
Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander origin:

Strathfield Municipal Council
Mayor: Alfred Tsang (stepped down)
Federal electorate: Lowe
State electorate: Bankstown, Drummoyne , Strathfield

The Municipality of Strathfield is a Local Government Municipal Area of New South Wales, Australia, near Sydney. Though a disasterous attempt was made to farm the land by the first settlers , it later became a wealthy and exclusive area for the elite and the rich. Over the years it has become a major multicultural centre, having many different nationalities in it's 14.1 km2 boundaries, including (from order of percentage of population) South Korea, mainland China and Sri Lanka.



Main article: History of the Strathfield area

The Municipality of Strathfield was first formed in August 1887, not long after the suburb of Strathfield was proclaimed on June 2, 1885. The council opened their Council Chambers in 1887. As the council was run by businessmen, they refused to build an adjoined Town Hall for some time and it was only in 1923 that this was finally built. The council soon annexed the Flemington district and in doing so doubled the number of residents they needed provide infrastructure for.

Several attempts at amalgamating the council have been made: the first happened with The Greater Sydney Movement , where many influential people such as Sidney Webb and John Daniel Fitzgerald believed that most of Sydney should be merged into a single Sydney area. This was extremely unpopular with both residents and many councils, including Strathfield council, and though bills were raised in State parliament in 1912, 1927 and 1931 they failed to gather any real support and the attempt to force amalgamation failed. In 1947 Homebush and Strathfield councils merged and part of Enfield was added. In 1974 two reports, one by J.C. Barnett and the other from the State Boundaries Commission , recommended that Ashfield, Drummoyne , Burwood and Concorde should amalgamate with Strathfield. This was energetically opposed by residents and council alderman and this amalgamation also did not come to fruition. In 1992, a section of the northern part of the Municipality was transferred to the Auburn Council area. In return, the area of and between Boundary Creek and the railway line, occupied by the former Ford factory building, was transferred from Auburn to Strathfield Council.


The Muncipality of Strathfield is located at 33°52'10" North, 151°5'59" West (33.8717, 151.0899).

The municipality covers a total area of approximately 14.1 square kilometres and includes the suburbs of Strathfield, Strathfield South, Homebush, Homebush West, part of Enfield, part of Belfield and part of Greenacre [1]
. Homebush Bay Drive bounds the Municipality of Strathfield to the north, Powells Creek, The Boulevarde and Coronation Parade bounds it to the east, Punchbowl Road and Juno Parade form the southern border and Roberts Road, Chullora rail yards, Rookwood Cemetery and the Sydney Olympic Park Rail line bound the Municipality to the west.

For NSW state elections, the Municipality of Strathfield is in the State Electoral District of Strathfield.

Demographics and statistics

See also: Demographics of the Municipality of Strathfield.

The estimated resident population as of June 2003 was 30,220 (Aust. Bureau of Statistics). The Strathfield Local Government Area is a culturally diverse region. The 2001 Census recorded the population of the Municipality as 27,956 — an increase of 8.1% since the 1996 Census. Of the total area, the census showed that 46% of the people stated that they were Australian-born. The number of people born overseas was 13,521 (48% of the total population) compared with 11,386 (44% of the total population) in 1996 and 10,176 (40% of the total population) in 1991. Of those born overseas the three main countries of birth were the Republic of Korea (South) — 1750 people (6.3%); China (excluding SARs and Taiwan) — 1632 people (5.9%) and Sri Lanka — 1544 people (5.5%).


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