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Storage is the at least semi-permanent holding of an amount of something. A storage device is an apparatus for holding things. Another general term, is container. Depending on context it may have a more specific meaning. A tank is a container for liquid, e.g. water or petroleum.

Storage furniture includes:

For cool storage a refrigerator is used.

A closet is something between a piece of furniture and a room.

Places in and around the house used for storage, often less suitable as living space, are a shed, a cellar, and an attic. A garage is also used as far as not all space is needed for the car, or if it is not used to park a car in. Of these, the cellar tends to be cooler than the rest of the house, which can be an advantage for storage of foods, drinks, batteries, etc.

Storage buildings include a warehouse and a depot.

One form of waste management is storing the waste. See e.g. dry cask storage.

More abstractly:

See also hoarding.

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