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Sten Sture the Elder

Sten Sture, den äldre
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Regency 1470-1497, and

1501- December 14, 1503.

Family Sture
Consort Ingeborg Tott
Predecessor Charles VIII
Interregnum John II
Successor Svante Sture
Date of Birth 1440
Date of Death December 14, 1503
Place of Burial Katarina Church , Stockholm

Sten Sture the Elder (Sten Sture den ldre; 14401503) was a Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden under the Kalmar Union (14701497 and 15011503.

At the Battle of Brunkeberg in 1471, he triumphed against Swedish and Danish forces in the support of Christian I. This outcome elevated Sture to the position of a national savior. The sculpture St. George and the Dragon in Riddarholmskyrkan was raised to commemorate the battle.

He was born around 1440, as the son of Gustav Anundsson of the Sture family and Birgitta Stensdotter Bielke, half sister of Charles VIII. Sten Sture married Ingeborg Tott in 1476, and died in 1503.

Preceded by:
Charles VIII
Regent of Sweden
First Regency
Succeeded by:
John II
John II Regent of Sweden
Second Regency
Svante Sture

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