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Slate (magazine)

Slate is an online newsmagazine created by Microsoft in 1996 as part of MSN. On December 21 2004, it was bought by The Washington Post.

Former political correspondent Jacob Weisberg is the current editor and former political advertising director Cyrus Krohn is publisher. The founding editor was Michael Kinsley.

Like, it covers politics, arts & culture, sports, and news. Slate is a hybrid of traditional news outlets and blogs; it is column- (and perhaps personality-) driven but maintains more journalistic credibility and objectivity than most blogs.

Slate features unique regular and semi-regular columns such as Explainer and Human Guinea Pig . Many of the articles tend to be short and relatively lighthearted pieces. There are also many meta-columns: collection and analysis of major newspapers, magazines, blogs, and the like. It has a number of associated blogs, including some of the most notable on the Internet, such as the Kausfiles. It also features regular weeklong series of diaries from interesting people and a link to each day's Doonesbury, whose website Slate hosts.

Slate contributes to the National Public Radio show Day to Day.

Columnists on staff

  • Henry Blodget ('Go East, Young Man')
  • Paul Boutin ('Webhead')
  • Mary Baine Campbell ('Poem')
  • Elisabeth Eaves ('The Best Policy')
  • David Edelstein ('Movies')
  • Mia Fineman ('Art')
  • Daniel Gross ('Moneybox')
  • Margo Howard ('Dear Prudence')
  • Fred Kaplan ('War Stories')
  • Mickey Kaus ('Kausfiles')
  • Steven E. Landsburg ('Everyday Economics')
  • Josh Levin ('Sports Nut')
  • Dahlia Lithwick ('Jurisprudence')
  • Eric Liu ('Teachings')
  • Stephen Metcalf ('Books')
  • Timothy Noah ('Chatterbox')
  • Meghan O'Rourke ('Culturebox')
  • Josh Patner ('Fashion')
  • Robert Pinsky ('Poetry editor')
  • Daniel Politi ('Today's Papers')
  • William Saletan ('Frame Game')
  • Jack Shafer ('Press Box')
  • Dana Stevens ('Surfergirl')
  • Chris Suellentrop ('Ballot Box, Assessment')
  • Garry Trudeau ('Doonesbury')
  • Eric Umansky ('Today's Papers')
  • Jacob Weisberg ('Bushisms')
  • Emily Yoffe ('Human Guinea Pig')

Other notable contributors

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