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Shetland Islands

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(In Detail ) (Coat of Arms )
Motto: Međ lögum skal land byggja
- Total
- % Water
Ranked 12th
1,466 km²
? %
Admin HQ: Lerwick
ISO 3166-2: GB-ZET
ONS code: 00RD
- Total (April 29, 2001)
- Density
Ranked 31st
15 / km²
Shetland Islands Council
Control: Independent
MP: Alistair Carmichael
MSP: Tavish Scott
Shetland Islands
Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands (sometimes historically spelled Zetland, formerly Hjaltland) are one of 32 unitary council regions in Scotland and a Lieutenancy Area. It is a Scottish island group between the Orkney Islands and the Faroe Islands, north of mainland Scotland, with a total area of approximately 1466km2. The administrative centre and only burgh is Lerwick.

The Shetland Islands were originally a Norwegian colony, and were pawned to the crown of Scotland on February 20, 1472. Many people on the islands do not feel Scottish, feeling closer to their Scandinavian roots. During World War II, boats from the Shetland Islands provided a relief service to occupied Norway, known as the "Shetland bus".



The main island of the group is known as Mainland. Other islands include:

Fair Isle lies approximately halfway between Shetland and Orkney, but it is administered as part of Shetland and is often counted as part of the island group. The Outer Skerries lie east of the main group.

Famous places

  • Clickimin broch
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Jarlshof archaeological site
  • Mousa broch
  • Old Scatness archaeological site
  • Scalloway Castle
  • St Ninian's Isle
  • Sullom Voe oil terminal
  • Sumburgh Head
  • Wind Dog Cafe (Yell)

Main Industries


Shetland Islands on film

  • "Edge Of The World " (1937) dramatizes the evacuation of the Islands and the ensuing tragedy.
  • "Return To The Edge Of The World " (1978). Documentary captures a reunion of cast and crew of 1937's "Edge Of The World," 40 years after the fact, as they re-visit the Island.

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