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Sassafras Mountain

Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in the state of South Carolina, USA, with a summit elevation of 3560 feet (1085 m) above mean sea level. It is located at 35 03' 53′′N, 82 46' 39′′W along the South Carolina-North Carolina border in northern Pickens County, South Carolina nearest to the town of Rosman, North Carolina.

From US highway 178 in Rocky Bottom, South Carolina , a paved road leads almost all of the way to the summit of Sassafras Mountain. The summit is marked with a South Carolina Geodetic Survey benchmark. There is no government signage on the mountain indicating the peak's highpoint status. Since the peak is flat-topped and the state border runs over the summit, when visiting it is not entirely clear where the highest ground in South Carolina lies. In December 2004 two acres (8,000 m²) of land covering the summit were purchased by the State of South Carolina from Duke Energy Company for $50,000. This purchase guarantees future public access and may result in recreational improvements.

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