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Santa Croce

For the basilica in Florence, see Basilica di Santa Croce di Firenze

Santa Croce is one of the six sestieri of Venice. It occupies the north west part of the main islands, and can be divided into two areas: the eastern area being largely mediaeval, and the western - including the main port and the Tronchetto - mostly lying on land only created in the twentieth century.

The district includes the Piazzale Roma , home to Venice's bus station and car parks, and around which is the only area of the city in which cars can travel. The tourist attractions lie mostly in the eastern part of the quarter, and include the Church of San Nicolo da Tolentino , the Fondaco dei Turchi , the Church of San Giacomo dell'Orio, the Centre for the History of Costume , the Patrician Palace and Ca'Corner della Regina .

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